Contracts of Employment

Although most employers realise they must provide their employees with written particulars of their employment, many are not aware what information they are required by statute to include in those particulars.

Often it is better to provide an employee with a full contract of employment incorporating additional terms, especially in the case of senior employees.

There are important and difficult issues e.g. remuneration and post-termination restrictions, relating to company Directors, which should be dealt with in a detailed Service Agreement.

Appropriately worded contracts can help:-

  • Protect your business when an employee leaves e.g. in relation to trade secrets and other confidential information
  • Avoid staff difficulties if you reorganise your business by the inclusion of flexibiliy provisions
  • Avoid disputes with employees generally by providing certainty as to obligations and entitlements

As your business develops you may wish to alter terms of employment to meet your changing needs. If handled correctly, you can achieve this successfully. If handled incorrectly, you are likely to be faced with costly claims.

We specialise in enforcing contracts, particularly in relation to breach of confidentiality and non-competition clauses, through emergency court orders (injunctions).

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