Injunctions and Court Orders

Unfortunately, there can be times when there is no alternative but to apply to the court for orders to protect yourself and/or your children.  
Under the Family Law Act 1996 it is possible to apply for an ‘occupation order’ and/or a ‘non-molestation’ order. 

An occupation order is an order regulating the rights of a person’s occupation in a property. For example, the court can order a person to leave the property or only live in a particular part of the property. It can make an order allowing someone back into the property, or it can exclude a person from a specific area around the property. 

A non-molestation order is an order preventing someone from harming or harassing you or a child. 

If necessary, these orders can be applied for without giving the other party any notice that you intend to apply, but a court to exclude a person without notice in very exceptional circumstances.

Speed is always of the essence in such situations, whether it is getting the initial application before the court or responding to an application within the required time limit.  We have considerable experience in applying for injunctions and also advising and representing people who are on the receiving end of injunction applications and orders.

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