Prenuptial and Pre Civil Partnership Agreements

Even a first marriage can involve one party bringing into the relationship significantly more substantial assets than the other. On second or subsequent marriages, there are often more complex financial arrangements and responsibilities in place and a natural concern to preserve pre-existing assets, should the new relationship not endure. A Pre-Nuptial/Pre Civil-Partnership Agreement allow those embarking upon marriage to reach an agreement which will protect their financial interests in the event of separation or divorce.

In England these agreements are not currently 100% legally ,but over recent years the courts have looked with increasing favour at the terms of Pre-nuptial Agreements, particularly where both parties have had proper legal advice during the preparation process.

Here at Longmores we have extensive experience of advising on and drawing up Pre-nuptial Agreements. Our sensitive and professional approach ensures that both parties benefit from the reassurance and security these agreements offer.

Post Nuptial Agreements

Although less common than Pre-nuptial agreements, these serve the same purpose and are particularly valuable if, for one reason or another, a couple has not entered into any formal agreement before marriage or civil partnership.

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